Out and about with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Well it has been a busy 2 weeks for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV since it has been handed over to… Continue reading »

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ESB RFID card – Don’t leave home without it

Hi all,  I wanted to share my recent experience of driving up to Dublin without my RFID card to access… Continue reading »


Over 3 months with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Three and a half months have quietly slipped bye since we picked up the Mitsubishi  Outlander PHEV.  I shall certainly… Continue reading »

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My analysis of Electric Car driving costs

Hi all, I have been analysing my electric car experience based on my home charging and the average distance that… Continue reading »

Charge Point Instructional Videos

Charge Point Instructional Videos

Here at ESB ecars, we have produced a few short instructional videos on how to use a number of different… Continue reading »

ESB ecars

Driving Holiday in Kerry

Hi all, Following the success of our driving holiday in Clare, we decided to do the same in Kerry with a… Continue reading »

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Driving holiday in Clare

Hi all, with the beautiful weather that we are having this Easter, my daughter and I took a drive in County Clare… Continue reading »


My i-MiEV

Hi everyone, This is my i-MiEV, which I am trialling as part of The Great Electric Drive. The only fault… Continue reading »

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The Bill

Eeek! The Electricity Bill arrived. This is the test. After the initial fright wore off I had a look at… Continue reading »


The A to Zoe ‘E’ Electric Picnic, Environment & Emper

What Lorraine says: When I was applying for my ECar trial – I got lots of help from lots of… Continue reading »